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Thank you friends, neighbors and generous sponsors who joined our efforts to raise money to be used at the new John R Oishei Children’s Hospital to help those with Cystic Fibrosis.  I am pleased to announce that along with the help of the dozens of businesses, the hundreds of cars that drove through our neighborhood and with the generous donations from our very own neighbors, family and friends we have raised:


 Stony Brook Shines for Others is a neighborhood event that takes place each winter.  It usually begins the weekend after Thanksgiving and lasts until the 2nd of January.  Our neighborhood, consisting of 9 streets, decorate their trees with white lights.  The neighborhood literally turns into a “winter wonderland” of sorts.  Neighbors then donate their own money to a children’s based charity each year.To date ( including this year), our neighborhood and business sponsors have raised over $76,000 for children’s charities in WNY!

Neighbors are then invited to gather and present the charity of choice all of the money that was raised.  Each year participation and the amount of money seems to increase.  We have been very pleased to have  many businesses  also join our fundraising effort. The very first event was such a hit that our “sister neighborhood” of Quail Run also wanted to join in.  Year #3 had a neighborhood in Kenmore also join us! They too line their street with white lights and add to our final amount raised for charity.

We encourage visitors to drive through our neighborhood or simply take a walk to enjoy the lights.  If driving through the neighborhood be sure to turn on your car radio and enjoy some holiday songs! We have been very happy to see that many people…have been making this an annual event and have also been donating.

Please click below to see Stony Brook Shines for Others Check Presentation 2016 as Santa and Mrs. Claus make their way to their final destination

2016 check presentation night


*Thank you to WGRZ and Melissa Holmes for checking out Stony Brook Shines for Others on DayBreak’s Unique Places Segment!

*Our neighborhood shines!  TWC News supports Stony Brook Shines for Others too!  Thanks for coming by to see what we are all about,

  *At last count just on Stony Brook and Quail Run you can see OVER 400 trees lighting the way!  Obviously, Stony Brook Shines for Others reaches 9 streets…so you can imagine what you will see as you drive or walk through the Winter Wonderland.

Please follow the drone throughout our neighborhood…and you will get a sense of just how bright our neighborhood shines!!!!

     Special thanks to the Cimino Family…YOU ROCK!!!!!