StonyBrook Shines for Others

Tips for making your neighborhood LITERALLY shine!

Helpful Hints to make us really…SHINE:

To keep the electrical cords from getting wet, broken etc.:
a. Wrap the cord in BLUE painters tape to keep cord clean. Stuff into joint of sidewalk, caulk with silicone caulk.
b. Use a plastic container (milk jug) and cut an opening for cords to go through…add rice or sand to absorb moisture and to better hold it in place.
c. Conceal the cords on your lawn by creating a 2-3 ‘ deep trench with a square edge shovel. Lay cords into trenches, step on sod to cover and the cords pull out easily in the spring with little or no damage to your lawn.

I want to hang my lights but…
a. I will forget to turn them on…or I am never home: Use a timer for the lights, that way your house is shining even if you are not home.
b. I hate the cold…Hang the lights when the weather is still nice…much easier!
c. What a pain taking them off in the spring! Leave the lights on the trees throughout the summer…it makes it much easier!

I don’t have many trees or I’d like to add more…what can I do?
a. Make those great lighted arches! Buy three pieces of PVC pipe (2- eight foot lengths and 1 elbow) add lights, and place ends onto rebar to hold in place on the lawn.
b. Decorate the trunks of your trees…they add lots of light and easy for the kids to do!
c. Surprise your neighbor & hang their lights…or take turns!