StonyBrook Shines for Others

In the news and around town…

Santa was escorted by the Lancaster Police Department in a fire truck from the Bowmansville Fire Department and had the chance to meet lots of good boys and girls!

BEE Newspaper…there was a terrific article featuring our neighborhood and all that makes it shine.  We thank Annise Celano for writing such a nice article on our behalf.

Buffalo Spree.  Lisa Littlewood, a freelance writer who lives in Lancaster, wrote a wonderful piece featuring Tony Dittmer and Stony Brook Shines!    We love that Tony helps to make our neighborhood shine…so that the passing planes can land safely!!!!!    🙂

Thank you to all of the television stations who graciously attended our event and made sure our good deeds did not go unnoticed!

Santa makes his entrance!

Santa makes his entrance!