StonyBrook Shines for Others

2013 Check Presentation

A”Special Visitor” arrivied on a fire truck last December to see all the good girls and boys that live in our neighborhood.  That was followed by a heart warming thank you from the Pesany family.  After some additional “thank yous” the check was presented to the The PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) of Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo!  The final total was over: $14,000!!!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you assist us in communicating further with you going forward.

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Thank you very much!

StonyBrook Shines for Others


2013 Total So far

Please check the front window at 54 Stony Brook for updates of our totals…So far we have raised over $7,500…but the exact amount will be shared at the check presentation and the week after our event ends.  Donations are still arriving…

All donations are due before our December 19th check presentation, so please send your donation our way if you haven’t done so already.

Please send or drop off your donation at 54 Stony Brook Drive.   December 19 will be here before you know it!

2012 Check Presentation
2012 Check Presentation


2013 Sponsors

Without the help of our community and business sponsors, we would not be able

to raise the amount of money we do each year!  Thank you to the following

sponsors, who have helped to raise money for the PICU at Women and Children’s

Hospital of Buffalo.   We hope that you can personally thank them by using their

services and/or just saying thank you!

1.  DKM Sales…over 20 GORGEOUS signs were created and hung in our neighborhood and for Moore Avenue Shines in Tonawanda!  Please go to to see what they are all about.

2.  Tops Markets…Transit Road Lancaster    $50 Gift Card  

Thank you so much!   What would we do without our neighborhood Tops?

3.  Adams Nurseries...$100 donation….please visit them at their Lancaster

location for all of your holiday decorating needs!!!!!

4.  Ripa’s Restaurant…$100 donation...please consider going to RIPA’s for your next lunch or dinner, especially during the holiday season. A great place to eat…and a great sponsor!  Visit….you can like them on Face Book!)

5.  Ronny’s Take Out…$100 donation…what a great time of year to take advantage of someone else making dinner…give them a call and order your pizza for the holidays! Visit them at 222 Aurora Street, Lancaster.

6.  Try-It Distributing Co, Inc…$100 donation…located close to our neighborhood, we thank you for supporting our annual event!

7.  Hunt Real Estate   1765 Como Park Blvd/Lancaster…Maureen A. Prinzbach… $250 donation!  Each and every year Maureen has helped our neighborhood shine.  Whether it has been making hundreds of copies for us, getting additional donations or showing up for our check presentations…Maureen is there for us.  If you know anyone who may need her real estate services…please let her know.  Of course, we hope it isn’t anyone in our own neighborhood!

8.  Marrano Marc Equity and friends/employees….thank you for your special help to make our neighborhood shine while helping the PICU!

9.  Heather DeCarolis (owner) of De Salon…5484 Main Street in Williamsville…$100 donation…please be sure to check out her salon and pamper yourself!

10.  Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc…$250 donation!  Thanks for supporting our neighbors and what we think really makes our neighborhood shine…giving!

11.  Canine and Company…$100!  Please think about bringing your pets to Canine and Company so they can be gorgeous for the holidays!  Thanks so much!

12.  SMAZ Landscaping and Plowing…although pretty “new” to our neighborhood, they graciously jumped on board and made a contribution!  Please think about giving them a call for your plowing and landscaping needs…they are a great company!!!

13.  Salvatores Italian Gardens…thanks for your donations of gift certificates.  They were raffled off at a place of business to earn additional funds for our charity this year!

Our Previous campaigns

  • 2012       $6,312        The 2011 campaign benefited The Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo.
  • 2011       $6,535        The 2011 campaign benefited Carly’s Club.
  • 2010       $3,470        The 2010 campaign benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of WNY.
  • 2009       $2,010        The 2009 campaign benefited the Women and Childrens Hospital of Buffalo
  • 2008       $1,200        This was the inaugural year for the campaigns.  We raised a generous amount of money in a short amount of time.  Who knew how much the event would grow???

Our 2012 check presentation…Wow…what a night!

If you were not able to attend this year’s check presentation…you missed out!  We must have had close to 100 people attend who enjoyed hot cocoa, treats, music and a roaring hot fire.  Santa even came thanks to  his friends from the BOWMANSVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT gave him a lift!

Although our streak of outdoing the previous year’s total came to an end this year…we can be proud of many things.

1.  Our neighborhood looks amazing…truly outstanding.

2.  Neighbors raised thousands of dollars for a very worthy cause…The Ronald McDonald House.

3.  The check presentation was a huge success and a night full of making new friends…and getting to see some friends don’t often get to see.

So a very warm thank you to the neighbors who took part in making our neighborhood shine…in so many ways!


It is beginning to look…

like our winter just may be bright…at least in our neighborhood!  It will be another magical year…this year, to benefit our friends at Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo…PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

Once the donations start coming in please take a look at our sign posted at 54 Stony Brook that

will tell you the most up to date total amount collected.  Looking forward to receiving donations and watching those lights shine brightly!

Welcome to the SIXTH ANNUAL Stony Brook Shines for Others

We are so very thankful to once again have our neighbors in the Quail Run subdivision join us.  Your trees looked great last year and really made the neighborhood shine.  All of the donations were appreciated and added so much to our final total.  Thanks for being a part of the annual event and we look forward to welcoming even more families this year.

Flyers to announce this year’s charity and the important info about this year’s event and the check presentation will be in your mailboxes by the end of October.  If by Halloween, you haven’t received your letter or need an extra…please stop by 54 Stony Brook and I will have extras.

If your family has not previously stopped by for the check presentation, we welcome you to do so.  It is very informal but very rewarding.  This year it will take place on December 19th at 7 pm.  It is always in our driveway/garage at 54 Stony Brook.  We always have some warm cocoa, treats, music and a fire to keep warm.  Please try to attend…it is only about 30 minutes but is truly appreciated by the representatives who come from the charity of choice.  They love to be able to personally say thank you…and give those well deserved compliments about the neighborhood.

Anyone who may have some pictures of the neighborhood from previous events…or may do so this year….PLEASE consider letting us know.  You can contact me at and we would welcome the opportunity to upload the pics to our website.  It is such a wonderful site to see…but we really haven’t had any good pics to share on the site.

Thanks everyone…looking forward to another great year!!!!

Jennifer Chomen and family